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Shandong huaxing construction machinery co., LTD. Cleaner production audit information announced

Print  Published Time:2021/4/28 9:25:30

Shandong Huaxing Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Lanshan Economic Development Zone (formerly Linyi Industrial Park), legal representative Fu Bin. The toxic and harmful raw materials used by the company in the production operation are paint (125t/a) and dilute (63t/a), which are mainly used for the surface coating of products. The harmful substances discharged are volatile organic compounds. The hazardous wastes produced in the operation mainly include paint residue, paint barrels, activated carbon, phosphating sludge, and used oil, etc., all of which are disposed of by Shandong China Recycling Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which has disposal qualification.

The company has emergency plan, management plan, one plant one policy and management ledger, etc., formulated relevant measures to strictly implement environmental risk prevention and control in accordance with the law.

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